"Video games are meant to be just one thing. Fun. Fun for everyone!" - Satoru Iwata, GDC 2006

2018 My Youtube Channel did not grow enough so youtube is making some cuts on smaller channels and Nintendo had taken over with the Creators Program so I was doing a lot of work for free. I rather just play games and don't upload videos for now. Maybe the channel will be back if I have Animal Crossing to play in the future.

https://t.co/CNLnbazb4c New PostCard from Inkopolis Up! #RIPiwata Splatoon Inkopolis honors Mr. Iwata @Nintendo pic.twitter.com/awFWgucuG1

— nintendium (@nin10dium) July 14, 2015
THANK YOU Mr. Iwata. R.I.P.

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July 2015: My health is doing much better I cannot relaunch the websites with the few resources I have today but I am going to test Nintendo Creators Program for now. It may not work out well but at least I'lll play and share games I love. Look for the nintendium * The Blacklist a channel for mature games not on the programs "whitelist" If I cannot get my hands on DEVIL'S THIRD I'll replay Bayonetta 1 and 2

Games not on the Whitelist for Nintedo Creators Program will go to http://t.co/5w9idTuKMl nintendium The Blacklist pic.twitter.com/OctOqG5k4t

— nintendium (@nin10dium) July 8, 2015

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